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Our slim, flexible and easy-attach Cart Keys are the universal shopping and grocery cart unlocker!

Simply insert the Cart Key into your shopping cart instead of a $1 coin or 25-cent coin, take it back out, and start shopping! No monies or coins needed, only your cart key!

These are great, and affordable stocking stuffers or gifts! Share the word with your friends and family :) Or even better, surprise them with one!


- Never forget your loonie or quarter in the car, or at home again, avoid touching germ-filled coins altogether!
- No need to leave the Cart Key inserted once unlocked, simply put your keys back away in your pockets or purse and start shopping right away!
- Use corners to scratch your lotto tickets, an amazing tool!
- Weighs less than 2g per unit, our Cart Keys are very durable and lightweight.
- 100% Canadian! Designed and 3D printed in-house, by us! :)
- Quarter ($0.25)-side is compatible in the U.S.A, as well! (~24mm)
- Loonie ($1)-side is compatible with most EUR carts, as well! (~26mm)